Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fearfully and Wonderfully

Left to their own, things naturally fall apart.  In school we learned to call this natural phenomenon the "second law of thermodynamics."

So how is it that muscles heal and tissues regenerate?  Is there some invisible intelligence within each cell that just "knows" how things are supposed to be?  But then what about that principle that things naturally fall apart?

David noted in Psalm 139 that we are "Fearfully and wonderfully made," and my recent experiences have left me with a sense of wonder at what God has created and entrusted us with.  Healing is a gift that he gives and a process that he superintends.

I had surgery last Monday to reverse the temporary ileostomy that has been in place since September's surgery. The doctor predicted a five-day hospital stay and weeks of post-surgical recovery, but they also said that the sooner I was able to get up and start walking, the sooner my system would get back on track and begin functioning normally.  Soon after surgery, I developed the reputation for being the patient who spent more time walking the hallway than resting in his room, and Charlene was with me every step of the way.

By God's grace, I was discharged after only three days.  There's still a bit of soreness and the recovery is on-going, but I'm grateful to be regaining my strength (if not my weight) and able to return to work.  I'm not going to push too hard or try to come back to full speed too fast, but I'm grateful that none of the horror stories I heard about the recovery period have happened to me yet.

I have three chemo treatments planned for February and early March, then I'm looking forward to putting this whole process in my rear view mirror (except for the life lessons learned).  Thanks for your continued prayer and encouragement.