Monday, November 29, 2010

A Bit of Relief

Thanks for your continued prayers for me.  I arrived for my bi-weekly chemo this past Friday, of course dreading getting "hit by a bus" again.  The nurse asked me to describe my most recent side effects and seemed surprised that they were so long-lasting.  She eventually called the doctor who decided to remove one of the medications for this one cycle.

Oxalyplatin is the "bus" that was removed from this cycle.  I still had the accompanying 5FU, the same chemo I had back in the summer prior to surgery.  Since this chemo treatment is post-surgery and they believe that they removed all the cancer cells, there's a bit more flexibility with treatment options.  The nurse described it as attempting to balance longevity and quality of life issues.  Anyway, it's nice to get a bit of a reprieve.

My next treatment was scheduled for Friday Dec 10, but someone gave us tickets to "Oragami" (a great sushi restaurant in Mpls) as well as tickets to the Mpls Symphony presentation of "Messiah."  So I'll enjoy a great weekend and get hit by a bus on Monday...the last bus for 2010!!